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The causative agent of the infection is the RNA-containing Junin virus from the Arenavirus genus of the Arenaviridae family. The virus dies under the influence of detergents, UVI, but remains in a lyophilized state for a long time.

Most of the patients are people of Flexeril pills for age. Up to 4,000 people are affected annually on average, during outbreaks the number of infected can reach 20,000. About 10% of the local population are seropositive without a history of infection. Due to the active immunization of the inhabitants of this region, it has recently been possible to control the incidence with a decrease in the frequency of generic Cyclobenzaprine. Since this vaccination is not included in the list of mandatory when entering Argentina, cases of infection among tourists have become more frequent.

Hamster-like rodents, as well as a sick person, serve as a reservoir, as well as a source of infection. Between rodents, the pathogen is transmitted transmissively with the bites of gamasid mites. Penetrating into the blood, the virus in hamsters causes a latent course of the disease and asymptomatic viremia. The pathogen from the body of rodents is excreted in the urine.

An infectious agent enters the human body by airborne dust by inhalation of dust contaminated with rodents, as well as by the fecal-oral mechanism with contaminated food and water, through sexual contact and through damaged skin. When bitten by a tick infected with a virus, the disease does not develop in humans. Every year, cases of intralaboratory infection by aspiration with the development of Flexeril forms or an asymptomatic course are described. After the illness, a strong immunity is formed.

flexeril cyclobenzaprineThe mechanism of development of Argentine hemorrhagic fever is not fully understood. Once in the alveolar macrophages and bronchopulmonary lymph nodes, the Junin virus spreads hematogenously and lymphogenously throughout the body. The pathogen is fixed in the cells of the reticuloendothelial system, damaging them, thereby contributing to leuko- and thrombocytopenia. Lymphadenopathy develops, atrophy and necrosis are observed in the lymphoid follicles.

Damage to the capillary wall leads toyu hemorrhagic syndrome, hypovolemic shock. Damage to the vessels of the internal organs contributes to the violation of their function. Depending on the viral load, both asymptomatic forms with an increase in antibody titer, and severe conditions can develop.

The incubation period after infection is about 7-14 days. The disease begins gradually, nonspecific symptoms appear: fever, weakness, malaise, headache, arthralgia, myalgia. In a short period of time, body temperature rises to febrile numbers, enanthema occurs on the conjunctiva, oral mucosa. Objectively, reddening of the face, neck, injection of scleral vessels, lymphadenopathy are determined; a hemorrhagic rash can rarely appear. The first stage of Cyclobenzaprine is characterized by bradycardia, often developing myocarditis.

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